Meet The Fempowered Cohort Of 2020!

Fishburners and Google For Startups are proud to introduce the wonderful women participating in Fempowered 2020!

The cohort of 12 female founders are undertaking a 6-month Launch Pad program that includes membership to Fishburners Sydney and the new online Fishburners Founders Hub, along with a 24 week program of coaching, learning and skill exchange that will see their startup go from launch to sustainable business!

Please take a minute to get to know this year’s Fempowered Women!

Please take a minute to get to know this year’s Fempowered Women!

Angelique Mentis
Co-Founder & CEO of Simply Parking.
Smarter parking for a more sustainable planet.

5 minutes with Angelique …

Betty Andrews
Founder & CEO of Hstl&Hrt.
Connecting women with professional coaches and mentors to help them thrive and level-up, in both business and life.

5 minutes with Betty …

Claudia Galvis
Chief Process and Operations Manager of PumpFree Energy.
Smarter Waste Energy Solutions.

5 minutes with Claudia …

Carly Stebbing
Founder and Principle of Resolution123.
Online legal platform for employees.

5 minutes with Carly …

Julia Suh
Founder & CEO of Paper Plain.
Enabling city makers to create inclusive neighbourhoods and cultivate community resilience.

5 minutes with Julia …

Laura Simmons
Founder & CEO of Theratrak.
Digital platform for paediatric allied health therapists.

5 minutes with Laura …

Lindy Chen
Founder & CEO of China Direct Sourcing.

End to End China to Australia importing services.

5 minutes with Lindy …

Mellonie Francis
Co-founder & CEO of Rareiio.

Innovative Digital Agency Helping Non-Tech Founders Build Great Tech Products.

5 minutes with Mel …

Nicole Marshall
Founder & CEO of Grasshopper.
Supporting kids first steps into the digital world through technology and active play.

5 minutes with Nicole …

Rhoda Esquivel
Founder & CEO of Woolfie.

Team-building app for Slack to help keep the human connection alive.

5 minutes with Rhoda …

Sarah Cummings
Co-founder & CEO of Teach Ted.

Book series and product line helping children feel confident when facing new experiences.

5 minutes with Sarah …

Stephanie Weiss
Founder & CEO of Arula.

3D printing breast protheses for women who have had single or double mastectomies.

5 minutes with Stephanie …

Vanouhi Nazarian
Co-founder of WageChecker.

Online platform for employers and employees to ensure wages are paid correctly.

5 minutes with Vanouhi

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