5 minutes with Angelique Mentis, Co-founder & CEO of Simply Parking.

Meet Angelique Mentis of Simply Parking!

Please tell us a little about yourself.

I am a highly-motivated, solution-driven founder and business owner. We use technology strategically and innovatively to address parking challenges, and make our cities better places to live.
Leveraging from a corporate career in finance, law and property, in Australia, the US and Asia, I have a diverse range of multi-disciplinary skills, which enable me to address issues from a solution-oriented perspective.

I am passionate about improving the liveability and sustainability of our cities, by enhancing the efficient use of our existing resources. I believe in thinking differently to do this. Thinking outside the box. Innovative, disruptive, and collaborative technology. Smarter, more sustainable parking solutions. Smarter, more liveable and  sustainable cities.

On a personal note, I love to keep fit, especially outdoors. In my spare time you’ll catch me running the soft sand at the beach or on a yoga mat. 

Please tell us a little about Simply Parking.

We are like the AirBnB of parking on steroids! Simply Parking is an innovative disruptor in the parking  and smart cities sector. We solve the challenging issue of parking in urban centres, for individuals, corporates and the public sector. Our end-to-end platform technology enables users to share parking more resourcefully. Efficiently, cost-effectively and reliably, making our cities more sustainable.

What drew you to the Fishburners Fempowered program?

I love that the startup and VC community is fostering growth of startups founded by women. My startup is in a tech heavy space, as our solution covers the full gamut of hardware, software, comms, cloud and mobile app/web, where in Australia, women are SO under-represented. I spoke with Nicole during COVID and actually applied for a different startup idea I had which was just at ideation stage, and then on interview was given the option for either. I loved their ability to see my BHAG and global vision/ passion for either. 

What about the next 6 months excites you, what are you looking forward to?

It’s an amazing cohort of women that have been selected  I feel so honoured and excited to be in their company. I’m really looking forward to the one-on-one mentoring/ sessions with Ade and Eric, and also the tight group, and to developing fabulous relationships with these inspiring women, so we can all help lift each other up even higher! 

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