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Learn the essentials for starting your business with our 4 week Bootcamp.

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Who is it for?

The Fishburners FREE Founders Bootcamp is for  aspiring entrepreneurs and anyone in the early stages of starting a startup who wants to learn about the key elements for bringing an idea to life. You should subscribe to this bootcamp if you have an idea, are looking to launch, have recently launched your startup, or you are just wanting to increase your knowledge.

What you'll learn

Learn the essentials for starting your business with our free 4 week Bootcamp

Week 1

Validating your MVP & Understanding the Lean Canvas Business Model

Week 2

Growth Hacking 101 & How to Generate $13mil in Revenue in 12 Months

Week 3

Accounting Basics & Important Legal Considerations

Week 4

Perfecting Your Pitch & Fundraising Ideas for your Startup

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Our Founders Hub provides aspiring entrepreneurs and startup founders across Australia with an all in one place to get the information, resources, tools, templates mentors, expertise and perks you need at your fingertips to get started and grow wherever you are.