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Join our mission to foster innovation and entrepreneurship in Australia.

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Our Mission

At Fishburners, we’re passionate about fostering innovation and entrepreneurship in Australia, and we’re looking for partners who share our vision. With the largest early-stage startup community in the country, we’re in a unique position to drive change and create a culture of innovation. By partnering with us, you’ll have the opportunity to support emerging entrepreneurs and help shape the future of the startup landscape in Australia. 

Our mission is to create a thriving ecosystem where ideas are brought to life and entrepreneurs are given the resources they need to succeed. Join us in our mission to build a better future for Australia through innovation and entrepreneurship.

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Investment NSW creates opportunities for businesses to thrive, offering a range of funding options that support the goals of startups, fast-growth SMEs, and regional businesses. In addition, they collaborate with various institutions to create further opportunities for business growth.
The Sydney Startup Hub was created by them and serves as the new home for Fishburners Sydney. It is the first of its kind in Australia and boasts unmatched size and density in the southern hemisphere.

The government made a bold and ambitious move by supporting the Sydney Startup Hub, which will strengthen the startup community and create new sustainable high-value jobs in NSW.

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Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand is a professional body comprised of over 120,000 diverse, talented and financially astute members who utilize their skills every day to build sustainable futures for the communities in which we live and work. 

Through our partnership with Fishburners, our members would have an opportunity to embrace innovation and technology whilst supporting and networking with the innovation communities that are creating our future – to build value and drive future growth, today.

Join us today in our mission to foster innovation and entrepreneurship in Australia by partnering with us

Together, we can build a thriving startup ecosystem that supports emerging entrepreneurs and creates a culture of innovation. 


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