5 minutes with Nicole Marshall, Founder & CEO of Grasshopper.

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Meet Nicole Marshall of Grasshopper!

Please tell us a little about yourself.

I’m a young entrepreneur who first found my roots as an industrial designer. I’ve exhibited my work in 7 cities internationally with over 5 years of experience in product development and design throughout Australia, New Zealand and Silicon Valley. Over the past year I’ve switched my focus to building an edtech startup that gets kids physically active while learning.

Please tell us a little about Grasshopper !

Grasshopper merges technology with active play by getting young kids up on their feet while playing digital learning games. It consists of four silicone tiles that act as giant buttons, so kids can jump, hop and dance on the tiles to respond to different visual/audio cues. I grew up around much younger cousins and felt disheartened by the hyperactive, addictive and passive nature of a vast majority of digital content and tools designed for their age group. It inspired me to explore how we can design technology that truly has kids’ wellbeing at heart. That led myself and my team to creating experiences that are more active, social and beneficial for building soft skills.

I’ve always been drawn to how we use technology and how it influences us. The fact is that we’re using digital technology more than ever before. For many busy families, it plays a necessary role but also leaves parents with a burden of guilt. So it’s crucial that we provide more practical options for using technology that have learning outcomes and positive impacts on kids wellbeing and development.

What drew you to the Fishburners Fempowered program?

Being surrounded by other incredible female founders who are building a better world is just so inspiring and motivational. I love being around big ideas and people who are on a similar journey. I’ve found it vital to have a caring support system of peers who are going through the many ups and downs that come with running a startup.

What about the next 6 months excites you, what are you looking forward to?

I’m really excited to learn more about how to grow and scale my startup, connect with mentors and hear from some of the best. A lot can happen in 6 months and it’s really exciting to be in the testing stage because we’re getting constant feedback from real users and refining our product offering to address real needs. A lot can change quickly and right now it feels like we’re jumping forward in leaps and bounds. I’m excited to keep growing and testing myself to see how many more goals I can accomplish.

What message would you like to send to the aspiring Women founders of Australia? 

I am a big believer that there’s no better time than now. If there’s a startup idea or side hustle that you’ve been thinking about everyday for weeks, start now! Regardless of the outcome there are so many positives with what you will learn, how you’ll grow and who you’ll meet – that’s the real success! Even though times are tough right now around the world, there are so many amazing opportunities out there so why not take the chance to learn, grow and try out something new.

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