General Policy

At Fishburners, we believe the safety, security, physical and mental health and wellbeing of our staff is an essential part of how we undertake our business. Fishburners is committed to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy working environment for people working on behalf of Fishburners, our members and visitors, in accordance with Work Health and Safety legislation and Australian Standards. Our workers include anyone who carries out work for Fishburners, including employees, contractors, volunteers, trainees and interns. Please note that breach of this policy will be considered serious misconduct. 

Management Responsibility 

The Fishburners management team will be required to take reasonable steps to ensure that workplace health and safety are maintained for all workers and visitors. To ensure a safe and healthy environment for everyone, Fishburners employees are responsible for:


All staff members are given a building security pass to access the space and must ensure that this pass is not given to anyone outside of the Fishburners team.

The main building front door is open from 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday excluding public holidays. Doors Opening times are as follows:

The gate to the reception on level 2 is unlocked and open from 8:30am to 5pm Monday to Friday. These doors are closed from 5pm.

Safe Egress 

It is the employee’s responsibility to ensure they do not leave any objects including furniture, equipment or rubbish that will obstruct walkways, common areas and fire stairs. Any of these objects blocking access will be moved or disposed of.

Fire Safety & Evacuation 

Fire hose reels & extinguishers are located on all floors. Floor plan/evacuation signs are located next to all fire exits.

Fire wardens for the Sydney building are: 

Level 2 – Sharon Li (0415 470 177)

                Michael Acolentaba (0423 587 744)

Level 3 – Tegan Harlow (0401 224 477)

                Majella Campbell (0450 618 218)

Upon a building evacuation being ordered, all members and staff should move to the muster point: Wynyard Park – across the street from the Sydney Startup Hub off York Street. 

First Aid 

First aid kits are located on all levels of the building. Locations are indicated on the floor plan and evacuation signs throughout the building. 

Incident Reporting 

If an employee of Fishburners sees or experiences an injury, hazards or near misses occur in the office, please report it immediately to management via [email protected]. All Incidents must be recorded using the incident reporting form here

Workspace Ergonomics 

Fishburners provides a desk and a chair for employees. Employees should consider ergonomics when setting up their workstations, including posture and the appropriate eye level for the use of a laptop/desktop computer. Additional equipment may be provided should you have specific requirements and need to assist with ergonomics (eg a footrest, chair with adjustable back rest etc). 

Manual Handling 

Manual handling means lifting, lowering, pushing, pulling, carrying, moving, holding or restraining any object, animal or person. Manual handling can include a wide range of activities such as picking up a box, reaching for something on the top shelf of a cupboard, or assisting a person in need.

When attempting to manually lift something, please follow the below 7 steps to ensure that you are taking care whilst you are performing the job.

Please note that if you are unsure you will be able to do it safely, you take the time to ask another team member for some assistants. 

Step 1. Assess the load

Is the load too heavy or awkward? Would this be more efficiently done if using two people?

Step 2. Place feet correctly

Stand close to the load, with feet apart facing forward

Step 3. Bend your knees

Keep the double S curves in your back

The knees should be relaxed

Lower your head

Step 4. Grip the load firmly with both hands

Step 5. Lift the load

Keep the load close to your body

Lift the load smoothly to waist level by straightening your legs

Step 6 Do not twist whilst handling a load

Turn your feet to move

Step 7. Put the load down using the same principle

Bend the knees and keep the load close.

Where possible, use a trolley to lift and carry a load. Ask your manager for the location of the trolley in your office. Employees must ensure that they take responsibility for the protection of their backs and use equipment and manual handling techniques as appropriate at all times.

All Fishburners employees must ensure that any spillages are to be cleaned up in an efficient and timely manner to ensure no harm is caused by the spillage. If additional cleaning is needed, contact Michael Acolentaba on 0423 587 744.

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