From solo founders to growing teams

Idea Stage

You’ve got a great idea for an app/website/product and need some guidance and support as you work on it part-time or full time. Fishburners has everything you need to get started. When you join Fishburners you will also have access to our pre-approved startup-friendly advisors who offer free legal, accounting, design, digital marketing and PR advice. You can also sign up for our mentoring program and be matched with someone who has the skills that you need to get your idea off the ground or to take it to the next level.

For new Founders you can take part in our Founders Bootcamp a free 4 week – email series that  will provide you with the essentials you need to get your business off the ground.

Startup Stage

You’ve launched your startup, and your small team needs a central place to develop your product, hold meetings, learn to pitch, grow your network and connect with industry experts. Connect with peers who are on the same journey as you and be empowered by being part of a community who share their knowledge, skills and expertise.

Supporting our community and providing them with an environment where they can flourish is at the heart of everything we do.

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Scaleup Stage

Your startup is off and running and growing into a larger team of 10-20 people. You’d rather not commit to an office with all the overheads. Your team needs a fun and engaging place to work where they can learn and connect. Check out the options.

  • Build your business  at Australias #1 startup resource
  • Surround yourself & learn from successful Entrepreneurs and founders 
  • Access the Mentors, Experts and Interns needed to accelerate your success
  • Free advice from ‘Experts in Residence’: 
  • Huge digital library of learning resources, templates.
  • Database of VC’s and funding sources
  • Flexible options: part time, shared, dedicated and digital memberships 
  • All desks Include a FREE subscription to Fishburners Founders Hub valued at $89.00 per month

Sydney Hub

Level 2 & 3, 11-31 York St, Wynyard, NSW 2000

With an amazing location on top of Wynyard station our light, airy and creative co-working facilities offer a range of affordable options for single founders to teams of up to 20.

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Founders Hub


We are here to support you on your entrepreneurial journey anywhere, anytime with Fishburners virtual.

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China Hub

Level 8, Hangzhou Bay Wisdom Valley, 233 Yonghui Road, Hangzhou City, China

Fishburners Hangzhou Hub launched in October 2020  to help Australian startups get started and grow in Hangzhou with support and funding for successful applicants.

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