Working with Meetup Groups

Since 2011, Fishburners has been striving to support the Australian ecosystem as a partner, as a provider, as a co-working space, and as a non profit organisation that has backed so many tech founders. As a part of that, we’ve worked with hundreds of meetup events, covering every topic you could think of, from Ruby on Rails to operations.

We’ve all benefited from the relationships we’ve built with these community run organisations, and we have been proud to back them. We’ve offered them a free space to gather like-minded people, we’ve bought beers and helped to organise the events themselves, and – because it’s startups – there’s always been pizza!

Our move to Wynyard is a huge project for us, and it’s a move that’s going to allow us to be even bigger supporters of Aussie startups. We’re building a state of the art events space right inside Fishburners, where we’ll be inviting meetups as soon as we can.

Unfortunately, until our internal events space is complete, we’re running all our Fishburners events in a joint space that we do share with some of the other co-working spaces here in Sydney. That shared space attracts an additional cost for evening events. In short, for now it’s harder for us to provide that same level of free space that we have provided in the past – although this will be rectified shortly.

Although we do want to make sure meetups have a place to come – for now, we are asking for your patience. If you want to host a meetup where you can work with us to cover those costings, we’re here and we’re excited. We understand that may be out of the reach of many of the community focused groups; we can help you to seek out a smaller space that can meet your needs, such as one of the other coworking spaces that we’re forging a relationship with.

For almost 7 years now, we’ve put our hands up to help and we’ve opened our doors to the community. You’ve seen the Fishies team staying back in the office to lend a hand and make everyone feel welcome, because we love startups and the ecosystem as much as anyone. We want to thank you for your support too, as our members have always benefited from the knowledge and connections you’ve shared.

When our events space is complete, the doors will be open once more, and you’ll see the Fishies team not only hosting meetups, but turning up ready to learn ourselves!

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