Appointing COO Pandora Shelley as the new CEO of Fishburners

It’s with great regret that we share the news that Annie will be stepping down as CEO of Fishburners at the end of February. We would like to thank Annie for her contribution as CEO over the last six months. Although the time has been short, she has done an incredible amount to ensure that Fishburners is in the spotlight and is set up for success in our new home.

We’re incredibly excited to be announcing that our very own Pandora Shelley has been asked to step into Annie’s shoes as the new CEO of Fishburners, taking the helm and guiding our community into a new year and a new era.

Pandora has been working for Fishburners for six years now and has been our COO for the last three years, and she knows our community, our spaces, our founders and our mission better than anyone!  

At the heart of Fishburners, we are community first. We have built a fantastic base of founders and members since our early days and throughout our growth we have always believed that the people are what has made Fishburners a great place to work, to grow, and to build. That has been our focus ever since the first desks in 2011, and it will always be our focus.

What does this mean for our members?

We’re celebrating some amazing achievements this year, with the successful move into the Startup Hub at Wynyard and our expansion to 600 desks in our Sydney space. For our members, the widening of our community is going to be an incredible opportunity to build our their network and to find more helping hands.

As Pandora takes on her CEO role, we’re confident that she will be able to keep that community growth and health as her top priority, so that Fishburners remains true to our mission, our values and our goals.

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