Fishburners Elevator Pitches with Kayla Medica from Startup Muster

This week we’re excited to share Fishburners new Elevator Pitch video series.

Each week we invite a new Fishburners startup to join us for a real-life elevator pitch, where we take them from the ground floor of the Sydney Startup Hub to Level 11 and during the elevator ride they share with us their startup pitch as quickly as possible.

To kick things off this week, our first elevator pitch is with the Head of Marketing for Startup Muster  – Kayla Medica.

Kayla is joined by our host Andrew Szwec from The Cognitive Company. Check out the video of their elevator ride above and browse the recap below.

To stay up to date with the latest videos we’ll be sharing each week tune in on our Youtube channel here.

What is Startup Muster?

Startup Muster is a survey of the entire Australian startup ecosystem that combines input from startups, founders, future founders and supporters and gives really great data on what’s happening in the ecosystem which is pretty important to have.

How can you get involved with Startup Muster?

Simply go to their website and take the survey. If you’re not quite ready to take the survey you can always check them out on social media – they have Linkedin, Facebook, a Facebook Group and Twitter and they’re pretty active on all of them.

They also have their own video series where founders can ask for help and get practice behind the camera, and then they’ll help you get the word out by giving you a platform to share your call for help far and wide.

We hope you enjoyed the first video in Fishburners Elevator Pitch video series – tune in next week for another episode.

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