Pointer Remote Roles: Women Changing the Way We Work in Australia, for the Better.

The network of highly qualified and experienced professionals who live in regional, rural and remote areas in Australia is enormous according to Jo Palmer of Pointer Remote Roles, a job-matching platform for remote workers.

Palmer says that moreover, 8 times out of 10, these professionals are women, many of who have previously worked in senior corporate roles and then have chosen to move out of metropolitan areas.

Interestingly, Palmer notes that while across the board Australia is dragging the chain when it comes to incorporating remote roles into workplaces, it is women-led or managed businesses who are also picking up the pace and daring to go first from the hiring side.

“It would almost seem that women get it. They know that employing someone like them, they will get 200% percent, that the productivity is there.”

Research shows that remote working can lead to more productivity, morale, happiness, value for money, better retention rates and reduction for attrition for all workplaces.

With Australia “only scratching the surface of what’s possible”, Palmer founded the startup in 2017 with the vision of connecting professionals who are physically isolated from roles in which they are more than qualified.

Working from The Rock, near Wagga Wagga, as a virtual member of Fishburners, Australia’s biggest community of startups, and being able to take part in live streamed popular weekly ‘Friday Night Pitches’, get support from other members, join online groups and more, Palmer knows first hand how possible it is to tap into an ecosystem and community culture from the comfort of your laptop.

Encouraging all businesses to reap the benefits of integrated remote work and take advantage of the breadth of expertise Australia has to offer across diverse locations, Pointer is going from strength to strength.

Palmer was the winner 2019 NSW-ACT AgriFutures Rural Women’s Award, the winner of the Regional Contribution Award at the 2017 Soar Awards, a Finalist in the Regional Australia Institute’s Lightbulb Moments and Regional Online Heroes Competitions in 2017 and the Startup Superstar and Young Entrepreneur Awards at the 2017 and 2018 Crow Awards.

“The virtual membership not only works for me from my regional location in southern NSW, but also fits into the philosophy of my remote business!”

Find out more about Pointer Remote Roles here: https://pointerremoteroles.com.au/

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