Skoutli: The New ‘AirBnb’ for Content Creators – Connecting Locations with Creatives

Skoutli Caroline Lepron Fishburners

Skoutli is the emerging Australian start-up, founded by entrepreneur Caroline Lepron, connecting privately owned locations and vehicles with influencers, photographers and producers. 

In April this year, after recognising the difficulties involved with accessing aesthetic backdrops for content creators, Caroline set out to create a simple solution. 

Based at Fishburners, Australia’s biggest start-up coworking community, Skoutli is an online marketplace for content creators to book spaces and vehicles for photoshoots or videography.

Much like world-renowned AirBnB, this exciting platform allows anyone, a chance to earn an income from their kitchen, bedrooms, cars, gardens, views – with the added perk of not having to move out. 

Bookings are taken hourly which allows for flexibility, value and budget requirements. 

A recent booking via Skoutli saw a Mother of 4 in Freshwater, earn $1000 AUD in just 9 hours from a creative team booking her living room for a chocolate advertisement. 

As of July 2019, the site boasts more than 300 of indoor and outdoor spaces, as well as vintage and luxury cars, yachts and motorbikes all across Sydney and Melbourne. Next, private jets will be available for photoshoots.

With prices averaging between $90 AUD and $400 AUD an hour, Skoutli is also set to double its listings by next month.

Everyone is encouraged to sign-up, with Skoutli providing all the tools, know-how and of course, public liability and accidental damage.

The sky’s the limit for this Australian owned platform, with Caroline’s sights set next on expanding to all national major cities and towns. At the end of the year, she is planning on taking Skoutli to Paris, London & Majorca.

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  1. I would like to use my large house and grounds for adverts .
    I have done it a few times previously with another organisation.
    I have neighbours who do it too.
    My contact details follow .
    Do you come and look then take photos for your site etc?
    Give me a call to discuss. 0417415853

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