Fishburners Launches Health & Wellness Room in Sydney

At Fishburners we’re more than just a work space, for us the community always comes first and we take the health and wellbeing of our members seriously.

That’s why we’ve launched a new Health and Wellness Room to support and remind members that it’s okay to take a break and recharge your batteries.

The new Health and Wellness Room allows members to step into a dedicated no work zone and hang out on the cushions and bean bags.

It’s also equipped with a dedicated yoga area with foam rollers and stretch bands too. This room can be used for meditation and yoga or simply to take a break from your busy day.

So far the feedback from members like Manal has been great:

“Meditation sessions in the health & wellness room are a great way to start the day by refocusing, calming and being mindful – and everyone who attended the sessions felt the effect on the rest of their day. The room was not only for meditation, but for prayer, recharging and relaxing, or just sitting there and reading a book.” – Manal al-Sharif

Fishburners also has a dedicated break out area where members can catch up with free barista style coffee, enjoy a game of table tennis, connect via Nintendo switch, or play Fussball.

And, for those members who are looking for something more we’re able to offer discounts to local gyms and fitness classes via our startup WHEREFIT.

“The science is in, exercise makes you more productive, effective, and a happier person. It’s a weird thought but given the productivity benefits, every Founder has a duty to themselves and to their stakeholders to keep fit and healthy…. You cannot afford to neglect exercise. It is the greatest medicine, the greatest productivity hack, and one of the key foundations of the business and life you want to build through your start-up.”
– Alex Worton, Founder of Next Rep Health

We’d like to say a huge shout out to the companies supporting our mission and have provided products or discounts to Fishburners – thank you to Bliss Bean Bags and WHEREFIT.


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