Meet Aircrex: The banking app empowering younger generations to make better financial decisions.

Aircrex is the all in one banking app that optimises the finances of Millennials and Generation Z.

Designed specifically for the so-called “brokest generation”, Aircrex helps users build confidence in navigating their path to financial security.

The fintech startup was founded by Caroline Tran, a CPA Chartered Accountant and Amy Bryant, an experienced Designer and Product Marketer. Early this year the women joined forces to harness their individual expertise to lead the Aircrex team and create simple, integrated and fun financial optimisation tools for those who need it most.

Caroline said, “I know how difficult and confusing it is for an individual with a non-financial background. As a Millennial who has ‘been-there done-that’ myself, my passion has always been to empower this generation to spend wisely, stick to budgets.”

The app is set to beta launch in Q3 2020 and organically sees new signups everyday for their 2,000 launch target. With a bright future ahead Caroline was invited to attend St Gallen Symposium 50th in Switzerland as Young Entrepreneur amongst 300 other attendees around the world. 

Caroline said, “It’s important to build a business that creates real values to your customers and having a great team from the start has helped create this great product. We are currently leveraging a fine balance between best of breed technologies developed by our in-house team and cost economics to develop the majority of our value proposition.

Aircrex attributes a lot of its early momentum to their ability to create a strong community around their problem. They are backed by University of Technology Sydney professors who introduce the platform to finance and accounting students. The powerhouse team also runs an Instagram series called ‘Up My Millennial Money’ that sees 1,000 views per week.

Part of the Fishburners community themselves, Caroline said, “Fishburners has always been a place where I connect with amazing like-minded entrepreneurs in Australia, where I look for resources and answers should I need help. Thanks for creating such a positive impact in the Australian startup ecosystem.”

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