Meet Trip.Social: The Cyber Social Network For Travellers.

Trip.Social is a dedicated cyber social network and platform to support travellers around the world, where everyone can plan and share their amazing travel experience in a whole new way.

Founded by Hans Bui in 2018 with the first public beta launching last November, Trip.Social has now released two mobile apps, for iOS and Android, as well as web-based app.

The user-focused platform has already attracted over a thousand organic users through word of mouth and various sources.

Founder Hans said, “At Trip.Social we focus on customers needs and experiences. We prioritise customer research as well and UX designs and have found it saves us heaps of both time and money later in developments and market capitalisation.

“Identifying the problem we wanted to solve was simple to us. The story started with us, a group of young, tech savvy independent travellers. Every time we tried to plan a getaway trip or holiday either for our family¬†or a group¬†of friends, it was so hard to put everything into an actionable plan. On top of that, experience providers were mostly big companies, and we wanted to interact more with local companions who made us feel belonging and connected with. So we set Trip.Social’s mission to providing people with access to affordable, friendly and personable travel experiences that match their interests. All utilising traveler-centric planning tools.”

Trip.Social has just completed the process of rebranding from its original form as ‘GoPavel’.

The team are entering the second phase of their development, building the experience-based marketplace where travellers are matched by experiences with compatible individual experience providers.

“We are hoping to enhance and promote the sense of belonging and friendship within the traveling community. I understand the power of community and have personally been supported by a lot of Fishburners members, without which I don’t know where Trip.Social would be today.”

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