Fishburners Elevator Pitches with Richard Savoie from Staybil

This week we take an elevator ride with Richard Savoie from Staybil as he shares a ride with our host Andrew Szwec from The Cognitive Company.

What is Staybil?

Staybil is a fantastic company that does data visualisation and optimisation here at Fishburners. Their first product is in the human resources space and helps optimise employees commute times.

Did you know that employees commute routinely around 40 minutes each way to work? Well, at Staybil they help companies and employees optimise their workforce so they can commute the least by travelling to work locations closest to home.

It’s a win-win for everybody as it makes employees happy and healthy and helps companies reduce their turnover.

How can you get involved with Staybil?

Check out what they do by visiting their website here:

To stay up to date with the latest videos we’ll be sharing each week tune in on our Youtube channel here.

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