Fishburners Partners with UTS

Pandora Shelley CEO Fishburners Murray Hurps UTS

We are thrilled to announce that Fishburners will be partnering with the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) over the coming three years: our first long-term university partner.

One of the benefits of the partnership is the establishment of a work experience program where UTS students are matched with growing Fishburners startups. Collaboration is at the heart of what Fishburners does, so we look forward to welcoming young, entrepreneurial-minded students to our community and connecting them with established technology startups here at our Wynyard home. UTS is focused on providing it’s students hands on experience, and we’re excited that we can assist with “bridging the gap” between studying entrepreneurship and founding a startup.

Our mission is to enable founders to succeed in starting and growing businesses. And as our CEO Pandora (who is also a UTS alumna) puts it;

“The average age of a Fishburners founder is 38. We believe that by exposing students to real life entrepreneurship earlier on, we will see more younger founders start a startup. We’re excited to begin connecting Fishburners’ startups with exceptional UTS talent with a new work experience program. We anticipate this program will bring valuable experiences and support growth for both Fishburners startups and UTS students.”

The funding provided will be invested directly towards our up and coming event space – soon to be a landmark in the Sydney startup ecosystem. We expect to host over 400 events per year in the space and like we did in Ultimo, provide the Fishburners space once again to the wider startup community.

We look forward to working with UTS over the next three years and welcoming them into the Fishburners family.

UTS Partnership Press Release

Photography by Leah Lucas

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