Xceptional and GeoSynergy collaborate to rewrite the rules of technology recruitment.

Fishburners members, Xceptional and GeoSynergy have nailed the process of making perfect hires without having to meet face-to-face or exchange in back-and-forth phone interviews.

Xceptional is a technology platform that recognises, celebrates and harnesses the unique strengths of people with autism, and then channels those skills into business technology positions. (More about Xceptional)

Late last year, after reading about Xceptional in Fishburners’ newsletter ‘The Burner’, software consultancy GeoSynergy got in contact to build out a personalised online recruitment process.

GeoSynergy provides consultancy and product development in the resources and utilities industries from Fishburners Brisbane.

However, regardless of distance, the new co-designed online recruitment process allowed Blue Mountains resident and Xceptional recruit, Aiden, to apply for a spatial data analytical software developer role.

After a series of four perfectly tailored technical online challenges, GeoSynergy were able to seamlessly bring Aiden onboard the team with full confidence and without ever having to meet face-to-face.

Aiden now happily creates prototypes and diagrams for new software or apps from the comfort of his bedroom.

More about the story below.

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