To Pay or Not To Pay: 5 Reasons Why Startups Should Try a Logo Creator Tool with DesignCrowd


Introducing our new series, To Pay or Not To Pay, where we’ll be diving into common startup tools and processes and determining whether they’re worth the splurge. Up first, we’re reviewing Logo Creation with the experts at DesignCrowd.


While getting a professional designer to work on your logo is still the premium choice, we know that that choice is still out of reach for smaller businesses. Professional designers are expensive, often raking up thousands of dollars for just one image. Not to mention it’s a lengthy process.

Logo creator tools are changing the game. Smaller businesses have access to inexpensive tools that provide all the logo files you need to start your business. If you need your logo quickly and cheaply — logo makers are a pretty good choice. If you’re planning to create a logo using one of the many available logo makers, we want you to understand the benefits.

It’s inexpensive, if not free

Business owners who are looking for inexpensive logo design should turn to logo makers. For a small amount, you can find suitable logos. There’s an array of options to choose from and a variety of pricing models available. Most logo creators start for as little as a few dollars a month.

And yes, some logo makers offer completely free logos — that is, truly zero costs. But a word of caution, some logo makers provide lower quality design when downloading for free. That means, the quality may be too low to be resized and used for other marketing needs.


Your logo should be unique. This helps your business standout, be seen and remembered. Logo makers have that covered. With their editing features, you can re-imagine the original template to your creative liking. Drag-and-drop features and button selections need no introduction and training. Anyone can change the colour, size, icons, fonts, and more.


Need a logo immediately? Most logo maker tools provide a huge array of logos suitable for any industry or creative idea. With simple editing features you can create a logo that suits your business and download the files instantly.

Unlike a graphic designer or design agency, you get 24/7 access to an online logo creator. So, if you’ve got the creative juices flowing at 3am, then there’s no problem in creating your logo and downloading it instantly.
Get Inspired

There’s no shortage of inspiration either – logo maker tools have thousands of high quality templates, a great resource for design inspiration. Startup founders might not have the best idea when they’re starting to design their logo. And so, in turning to logo tools, their blurry design ideas can take shape. Look at the websites of BrandCrowd, for instance. They have thousands of templates suited for almost any industry.

Full Control

Part of the cons of having a logo designed by a professional is that while you can inject your ideas, you still have less control over what comes out. And there are times when the final product is something you do not completely love, leaving you feeling underwhelmed, financially drained and with a bad design.

With logo maker tools, you get full control over the design process. Remember its full customisability features, meaning you get to tweak the logo template until it suits your taste. If you suddenly change your mind, then you’ll not be met with frustration as you would with a designer.

Final Thoughts

Logos are highly essential and are certainly worth paying for, but they doesn’t necessarily require a huge budget. While logo software isn’t for every business, it may still be worth trying one out before engaging a contractor. It’s quick, easy, cheap (sometimes free!) and you get your files instantly. If you’re interested in trying a Logo Tool out for yourself, you can get started right now by visiting .

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