NSXA: Meet The Stock Exchange That’s Creating Accessible Pathways for Startups to Get Listed

Did you know there is a stock exchange in Australia particularly suited for startups as they scale up when they are ready to Get Listed?

The National Stock Exchange of Australia (NSXA) has a rich history supporting micro and small cap companies going all the way back to 1937.

Back then it was the Newcastle Stock Exchange and mainly supported agricultural companies, hosting such companies as SunRice and Golden Circle throughout its history.  

But as the centre of Australia’s financial universe drifted towards the capital cities, the Newcastle Exchange found itself a largely provincial and isolated marketplace.

Fast-forward to 2005 – it bought the Bendigo Stock Exchange and shortly afterwards in 2006, changed its name to the National Stock Exchange of Australia. It has since established itself as the second largest corporate (company) listing exchange in Australia – although admittedly it is no way near the size or scale of the ASX.

The NSXA is now headquartered at 1 Bligh Street in Sydney and operates a state of the art exchange facility particularly suited to small companies when they are ready to get listed and go public.  

Listing activates secondary trading in your company’s shares and it also allows you to raise further capital should you need to as you continue to grow and evolve.

The NSXA has a Tier 1 Australian Market Licence issued by ASIC to operate a stock exchange. This is the same licence framework operated by ASX. Both exchanges also use world-class trading systems provided by the global leader, Nasdaq Market Technology.

Shares of companies listed on NSXA are settled and held in digital form on CHESS, alongside shares of companies listed on ASX.  This means that a trade executed on the NSXA market is processed in CHESS the same way as a trade coming from ASX and can be held on an investor’s HIN account.

Although there are a number of similarities between the NSXA and ASX, as noted, the size of the two respective markets are worlds apart.

NSXA has 57 companies listed with an average market cap of $50M, whereas ASX has over 2000 companies with an average market cap of  $1.35B.

But this is what makes NSXA so suitable for startups as they scaleup and look to get listed!

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