This Mothers Day, Meet Startups Designed Specifically For Working Parents

The current global COVID-19 pandemic has reminded many families just how taxing juggling jobs and childcare can be. If there was ever a time to truly appreciate all caregivers, it is now!

According to  Pew Research Center and The New York Times, mothers today spend 16 more hours a week performing paid labour than they did 50 years ago, however they also spend just as much time with their kids as stay-at-home mothers did back then.

The juggle is real.

Luckily, some amazing entrepreneurs have developed products and services to ease the overload. The perfect way to acknowledge and celebrate caregivers all year around.


The family video-calling app, that integrates children’s books and activities to create a ‘virtual playdate’.

The Miami-based startup lets kids talk to their loved ones, such as grandparents, aunts and uncles, over video while giving them an ample enough screen to engage in other activities.

This the ultimate wholesome screen-time that allows children to entertained by family and allows parents to take five.


KidsWantU is an app that empowers families with instant fun times together, away from the screen. It’s customised with activity and game ideas for each family across interests, ages, place and time available, without having to buy anything.

Founded by Fishburners member Anne-Marie, KidsWantU was born out of the wonderful home activities that kept her own kids (and the neighbourhood) entertained for years. With a catalogue of thousands of the favourites, in 2016, Anne-Marie opened her magical filing cabinet to the world.

Working Parents Connect

Working Parents Connect is an Australian recruitment agency dedicated to connecting working parents with flexible jobs and support services. They provide a range of flexible recruitment and job opportunities from family-friendly employers to working parents of all professions.

From content writers to cyber security, Working Parents Connect is the perfect way to find a balanced and flexible role that fits in with the rest of your life.


MyWhanau offers affordable virtual home assistance to parents to reduce household stress when it comes to managing multiple timetables and priorities. 

After recognising the common and severe imbalance within homes when it comes to managing and monitoring family tasks, Fishburners member Michelle set out to create a standardised solution that takes the weight off parents shoulders.

My Whanau family assistants track and enter children’s events, activities, tasks and school commitments, giving parents complete visibility, control and freedom.

A huge happy Mothers Day to everyone from all of us here at Fishburners! Don’t forget, if there are any women out there with an idea they are ready to turn into a sustainable business, be sure to check out Fishburners Fempowered program. The ultimate 6 month launchpad for diverse female founders provided with the generous support from our partners at Google For Startups.

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