Tech for Good: Climate Action

Tackling climate change is now considered one of the most defining issues of modern times. There’s no doubt any solution needs to be a collaborative undertaking if we have any hope of avoiding devastating impacts on our planet.

Climate-focused startups are becoming incredibly important, as they recognise “climate concern” is widespread and any effort to combat climate change is both economically and ethically vital.

It’s a battle that is no longer limited to a select group, it is a global issue for all of us.
Deloitte research has revealed 72 percent of people pay attention to whether a business acts in a climate-friendly way and 65 percent feel it’s important the products and services they buy do not harm the environment.

With these figures in mind, there can be no doubt that startups focusing on sustainability are the ones to watch. And, it will be exciting to see them thrive as they play a role in taking action and changing attitudes and behaviours.

It’s very clear that just a small shift in attitudes can lead to major changes in what people choose to purchase, where they work and what they expect from leaders.

Research on social movements and change also shows that it only takes a small number of dedicated people to be the catalyst for quick shifts in the broader environment.

The heart of climate change and other ecological crises is all about people; those who are already experiencing the impact of climate change and those who are at the heart of solving the problems.

Fishburners recognises the passion, determination and hard work startups are putting into creating solutions for sustainable development. So now we are shining a light on ambitious founders with our Tech for Good awards.

The Climate Action Award recognises a startup which uses tech-enabled solutions to combat climate change and its impacts. This award recipient will receive $5,000 to use toward their startup.

How do we define “Climate Tech?” It’s all about tech startups using technologies that are explicitly focused on reducing Green House Gas (GHG) emissions or addressing the impacts of global warning. The Tech for Good Awards, Climate Action Award, recognises, promotes, and rewards startups creating solutions for sustainable development.

We are thrilled to work with our partners and the startup community to accelerate innovations in sustainable development and climate action. It’s time to applaud the incredible work of the “climate concerned” startups whose end goal is to bring sustainability into the mainstream and, ultimately, take steps towards saving our planet.

Entries will need to demonstrate ideas enabled by technology that is intended to change the world by positively impacting people and the planet across 7 categories:
– Climate Action
– Environmental Sustainability
– Better Health and Wellbeing
– Diversity and Inclusion
– Sustainable Product
– Tech for Good Female Founder
– Social Impact
All applicants will be considered for the Excellence Awards.

Learn more here.

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