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The Tech for Good Awards recognises, promotes, and rewards startups creating solutions for sustainable development.

It’s time to spotlight ambitious founders who are tackling the world’s most pressing environmental, economic and social challenges. We are excited to work with our partners and the startup community to accelerate innovations in sustainable development.

Entries will need to demonstrate ideas enabled by technology that is intended to change the world by positively impacting people and the planet across 5 categories as outlined below.

The winners of each category will receive $5,000 in prize money thanks to our sponsors Investment NSW with the winner of the Tech for Good Excellence Award will receive $10,000. 

Awarding Categories

Climate Change

This category recognizes outstanding tech enabled solutions to combat climate change and its impacts. Examples Include: Emission Reduction, Alternative Energy Sources, reforestation, sustainable agriculture


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Environmental Sustainability

This category recognizes outstanding tech enabled solutions that address the reduction of environmental impact and/or contribute to the preservation of our resources Examples include: Recycling and Circular Economy Conservation, clean water..

Diversity and Inclusion

This category recognizes outstanding tech enabled solutions that contribute to that are contributing to a fairer, safer, more equitable and inclusive society. Examples Include solutions addressing: safety, equality, prejudice/bias, employment opportunities for marginalised


This category recognises outstanding tech enabled solutions that empower and enable people with a disability. Examples include accessibility solutions, assistive and enabling technologies, reducing barriers

Better Health and Wellbeing

This award recognises outstanding tech enabled solutions focused on improving health and wellbeing for the greater good. Mental health, social affordable health, better wellbeing for all

Tech for Good Excellence

This judges choice will be awarded to the solution with the highest overall score.

APPLICATIONS OPEN  31st January 2022

The Finalists will be announced in June with the Winners awarded at a special event.  

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