Support Startup Guide Australia in 2020!

Startup Guide Australia is aiming to kick- off in the upcoming months if there is enough support from us, the local startup ecosystem.

What is Startup Guide? 

The Startup Guide is a series of books featuring the local startup ecosystem of a respective city. By providing a high-level overview of the local startup scenes, they allow anyone in the world to navigate through the innovative country and its hubs. Until now, they have launched guidebooks in over 30 cities, such as Berlin, Cape Town, London, New York, and Singapore. 

Follow this link to take a look at the Paris Startup Guide: 

In short, the guide promotes and connects the key players of the local ecosystem to foster the collaboration between startups and companies and puts hereby an international spotlight on innovative Startup cities. As of this year Startup Guide specifically wants to highlight those stories of entrepreneurs and organisations that have a positive impact and tackle global challenges. Hereby covering local impact-driven stories of the cities to inspire entrepreneurs across the world. 

Startup Guide Australia 

Startup Guide Australia will be one of the first projects with an impact focus, promoting local success stories of startups and corporates who are aligning profit and purpose within the SDG framework to make a positive change for both people and planet. 

Consequently, Startup Guide is currently looking for potential collaborators who can support them in realising this Startup Guide book this year. 

Get in touch with Startup Guide if you want to be part of an amazing project positioning Australia globally as the next continent for impact innovation. 

Get in touch: [email protected]

Best Wishes for 2020 from the entire Startup Guide Team!

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