Meet Vloggi: The Ultimate Video Collaboration Platform

Founded in 2018, Vloggi is the world’s first collaborative video platform, solving the complex problems of creating multi-perspective short videos. 

Justin Wastnage, founder and CEO, was working as a journalist with aviation trade magazine Flight International in 2003 when he coined the popular phrase ‘video blog’. Convincing his employer to test video news reports from major air shows. Over 2 years Justin established the concept of episodic video storytelling. Then later, as budgets were reduced, he set out to prove that one person could create video stories alone.  The editor refused to allow the high-production value FlightTV brand to be used, so Justin called these solo efforts ‘Video blogs’ at a time when even the term ‘blog’ was virtually unknown. 

Justin said “When I first started making episodes of Flight TV, we would travel to events with a traditional video crew of five; a cameraman, a sound recordist, an editor, a producer and a presenter. For our purposes, this process was too costly, inefficient and had really long turnarounds. So every year we worked out how to streamline more and more until eventually it was just me, my camera and a laptop.” 

“Nowadays with smartphones and social media, every company in every industry knows that video is the golden content ticket. Especially location-based businesses, like tourism, hospitality and not-for-profits. But the video tools don’t work or are too expensive.The logistics of creating video can still be a nightmare even in this day and age.” 

“The bottleneck in production is really between the creator and editor. There is still a lot of passing back and forth, uploading and downloading. There are also lots of potential creators whose content never leaves their phone or Instagram story. Colleagues, customers or community members who take great little clips and then put their phone back in their pocket. We have designed Vloggi to bring these people together with a few simple clicks.”  

Vloggi is quick, easy and automated video production using clips from many different contributors. The platform is cloud-based and anyone can contribute clips to projects. 

Garnering the attention of investors, Vloggi secured $250,000 in angel investment last year and is now in the middle of a $500,000 raise. Vloggi is also one of three Australian winners of the Startcom pitch for $1 million. Together with Adiona, a Fishburners alumni, Vloggi is headed to the next round in March, in Malaysia’s Kuala Lumpur. 

Justin said they joined Fishburners because they needed the hardcore development support with coders, developers and deep informational sessions. 

“It’s wonderful to be working and growing in the heart of the Australian startup scene,” Justin said. 

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