Shark Tank Season 4 Casting Open Now

Think you’ve got what it takes to face the Sharks of the Start Tank?

Casting for Season 4 is underway now, so if you’re up for the challenge and for the opportunity apply here.

What is the Shark Tank?

A channel 10 television show,  Shark Tank is where passionate, every day Australians and budding entrepreneurs come to pitch their creative, unique and sometimes crazy ideas to the Sharks.

It’s the chance for aspiring businesses to catapult their success, with the help of a shark investor… whether you’re in the early stages, or well-established and looking to expand.

Who are the Sharks

Five sharks, all self-made millionaires, all returning in 2018 –

  • Founder of Boost Juice, Janine Allis
  • International investment powerhouse, Andrew Banks
  • Founder of Red Balloon, Naomi Simson
  • Technology and business guru, Steve Baxter
  • Founder of the Green Cross Pet Barn empire, Dr Glen Richards

Fishburners Members success- Car Next Door

We are really proud of Fishburners Alum Car Next Door who received a $300,000 investment from Shark Steven Baxter and has since gone on to grow to $7,000, 000+. Watch an update about Car Next Door here


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