Home Care Heroes: Our amazing first weeks at Fishburners

Home care Heroes

We’ve called Fishburners home now for 10 weeks and even before our first day we have been completely welcomed into the Fishburners bosom.

Annie, Fishburners CEO tweeted us a warm welcome on our first day, we’ve filmed a one-on-one chat with Gen George, hosted Friday night pitches and was interviewed Kochie’s Business Builders and hosting a Spark Festival event!. And I’ve volunteered to teach a yoga class for members too (which should go ahead in the next couple of weeks)!

It’s been a huge 10 weeks and these are amazing opportunities that we have gotten because this is an amazing, giving community! We do seek and hustle for every opportunity, we wear our tshirts all the time, are always chatting with people and mostly, we always say “yes!” and I encourage you all to do the same!

The team at Fishburners are the most friendly, helpful and outgoing people, so all you need to do is ask!  I frequently just go to ground floor to talk with Annie and the team about things that I’m doing and to get some help e.g. when I was hosting a Spark Festival event and needed to find a disability friendly space or when I wanted to talk about the role of advisors vs investors.

Chat to the team about where you are and what you need help with and they will help you or point you in the direction to get the help you need.  They have heaps of opportunities, connections and knowledge to promote and get involved with our startups and just need to know who is up for it!

We’re all here in this space to support each other and everyone is really genuine about it!  So talk about what you’re doing to everyone, wear your tshirts and hand out your swag, get involved and ask for help!

Catch Jenna and Fishburners CEO Annie Parker on Kochie’s Business Builders at Midday on Channel 7, Sunday 19 November 2017

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