Thank you for your support in 2017, see you in 2018!

Just a few months in as CEO of Fishies and let’s just say it’s been a crazy time. We’ve grown to nearly full capacity in Brisbane in just one year, we’ve built a beautiful new office at Wynyard to move to AND we we’re named Best Co-working Space in Australia. But most importantly we’ve celebrated some amazing Burner success stories.

Whether it’s HyperAnna, Jayride or Dgraph labs announcing some serious funding rounds, Koala winning their award at Startcon or even Madpaws having an advert on TV….I’m blown away by how much success we have had within our family.
As for 2018, well of course the first part of the year is all about moving home in Sydney from Ultimo to the Sydney Startup Hub in Wynyard.  We’re so pleased to see so many old members rejoining us and of course to see so many new members joining us to.
Our new address at the Sydney Startup Hub is  Level 2, 11-31 York Street, Sydney 2000.

All of the things that make Fishburners will be back in 2018 and we can’t wait to see you at an event, on a tour or at Friday Night Pitches.
I hope you all have a happy and safe Christmas and new year. Thanks for your support of Fishburners in 2017 and see you in our new home at the Startup Hub January 2 2018.
Annie x

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