We are hiring: Head of Marketing and Communications

Fishburners is Australia’s first & largest tech co-working space with offices in Sydney, Brisbane and Shanghai. We’ve been operating for almost 7 years & in that time supported the start of nearly 1,000 companies which is pretty epic. We’re known for having a super strong community and we care deeply about making sure we help founders start and grow their companies. We’re all about helping to build amazing founders, paying our knowledge forward, and of course making sure that we’re an open and inclusive place to work.

We’re looking for our next Head of Marketing to help us tell the phenomenal stories that live under the Fishies roof, someone who lives and breathes digital and who has a passion for all things tech startup.

You’ll manage a kick ass Marketing Manager in Brisbane and together you will keep Fishburners positioned as Australia’s Best Coworking Space (We won that award at this year’s StartCon Awards) and you’ll do it under pressure, with very little budget but you’ll love the fast pace and seeing your ideas get executed fast. Ideally looking for someone Sydney based, but open to Brisbane as well.

Our new Head of Marketing will be an awesome people leader, who inspires others to do the right thing and isn’t afraid to get their hands dirty – this is startup land, we operate on almost zero budget and everything needs to be done yesterday! So on top of strategy you’ll also need  to roll up your sleeves and execute.

In return, you’ll have total empowerment to grow and evolve our brand, comms style, messaging….the whole shebang and join a great supportive team who’s the heart of Australia’s startup ecosystem.

Measures of success 

In executing your role and working to deliver the Fishburners strategic vision, your success will be measured in the following four areas:

  1. Community spirit. Fishburners is first and foremost a community, not just a coworking space. You will succeed in this role with community-mindedness; working with, tapping into and supporting the Fishburners community in all your actions.
  2. Building the brand. Help Fishburners be known by our key targets.  You’ll primarily communicate the values, vision and successes of Fishburners’ to the startup industry, the media, governments and potential corporate sponsors. Importantly, you will establish Fishburners, in the minds of sponsors, as the logical place to realise their goals for sponsorship.
  3. Growing the membership. Fishburners succeeds in part by having the best community and a large network of supporters and alumni. Usually Fishburners has far more applicants than desks. Your role will be instrumental in keeping our desks 100% filled and securing a healthy waiting list of high quality member candidates.
  4. Helping members succeed. Fishburners succeeds when our members succeed. Combining your own skills and experience with feedback from management and members, you will look for opportunities to help ‘burners succeed, and find ways to help share member successes with other ‘burners and the world.
  5. Grow our audience and reach. Through your strategy and tactics you will grow our database subscriptions and increase Fishburners audience of advocates building our community not just within Fishburners, but externally too

Principal Accountabilities

These are marketing, communications and public relations. You will use your skills in these areas to oversee a comprehensive program that will enhance Fishburners’ position in the marketplace and deliver on the organisation’s strategic vision and objectives. Media relations and member acquisition and retention will fall under your responsibility. Some specific accountability areas will include:

  1. Implementation of marketing activities through earned, owned and paid channels.
  2. Ensuring consistent communication of image, messaging and position to internal and external constituencies.
  3. Responsibility for the quantum of all Fishburners publications – including ideation, editorial direction, design, production and distribution.
  4. Coordination of media interest in Fishburners and regular contact with target media and appropriate response to media requests.
  5. Being Fishburners’ representative with the media.
  6. Developing, coordinating and overseeing programs and resource materials to assist members in the marketing, communications and positioning of their activities.
  7. Providing counsel on marketing, communications and public relations to members.
  8. Overhauling all marketing and comms related processes ensuring they are as streamlined and efficient as possible

Planning and budgeting 

  1. Responsible for the achievement of marketing/communications/public relations mission, goals and financial objectives and establishing of business systems to achieve them. Ensure that evaluation systems are in place related to these goals and objectives and report progress to the CEO and Board.
  2. Develop short and long-term plans and budgets for the marketing / communications / public relations program and its activities. Monitor progress, assure adherence and evaluate performance to same.
  3. Strict budget management finding cost effective ways to manage a very learn budget. Find ways to minimize spend and maximize impact. Prioritise spending to ensure over-spend is kept at a minimum as your budget may change month to month.
  4. Recommend short and long term Fishburners marketing and comms goals and objectives to the CEO.
  5. Get sh!t done- fast. Plan, adapt execute and be resilient. We work in an ever changing environment, we don’t need perfect but we do need smart strategies that you can execute that have big impact

Management Skills

  1. Maintain a climate that attracts, retains and motivates top quality personnel. Recruit and support qualified personnel.
  2. Establish provisions for succession in marketing roles.
  3. Take advantage of skills and services volunteered by members and communities to further Fishburners marketing objectives.
  4. Enable staff and members so they can take appropriate action on behalf of Fishburners by:
  • sharing the Fishburners’ values, vision and direction
  • help members and staff transform information into knowledge and learning
  • encouraging people to question Fishburners assumptions and ask strategic questions; ensuring quality decision-making
  • anticipating conflicts and facilitating resolution
  • engaging people in process as well as tasks
  • modelling behaviour

Other requirements and considerations for your role

  • Significant experience in marketing, communications or public relations with demonstrated success, preferably with exposure in the tech startup sector
  • Understanding of digital systems and tools for growth hacking within early stage technology companies
  • Demonstrated skills, knowledge and experience in the design and execution of marketing, communications and public relations activities.
  • Strong creative, strategic, analytical with personal sales skills.
  • Experience developing and managing budgets; and hiring, training, developing, supervising and appraising personnel.
  • Demonstrated successful experience getting coverage via press releases, developing presentations and negotiating with media.
  • Experience overseeing the design and production of print materials and publications.
  • Commitment to working with shared leadership and in cross-functional teams.
  • Ability to manage multiple projects at a time.
  • Out-of-town, overnight travel will be required.
  • Bachelor’s degree preferred. Graduate degree in a related field is desirable.


Sounds like you? Send your CV  and a  cover letter or video demonstrating how your previous experience and skills makes you the best person to drive Fishburners forward.

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