Meet Wanngi: The Ultimate Personalised Health Management App

Wanngi is the health management app that allows you to track symptoms, immunisations, set medication reminders and manage medical and fitness information, in one secure HIPAA Compliant online location.

Founded in 2017 by Maree Beare, Wanngi aims to be the only health app people need to access to their own health records to manage their health and wellness.

The app is ergonomically fitted out with timelines, calendars, document uploads, so people can track the details of symptoms, injuries and treatment, as well as securely share with medical professionals.

Founder and CEO, Maree Beare said, “I launched Wanngi in 2017 because I noticed that during video consultations between doctors and patients, patients are required to have relevant health records, prescriptions, lists of medication and copies of results readily at hand. I wondered how they were storing this information! I found there was really no easy way for people to independently keep track of their own holistic health history, which seemed counterintuitive to me.”

As the Australian fight against the COVID-19 pandemic leans heavily on teleheath, the distribution of health-related services and information via electronic information and telecommunication technologies, Wanngi continues to scale and expand but providing solutions to both patient and medical professionals.

As part of the response to the pandemic, Wanngi has developed a health reporting functionality that allows customers to export symptoms and health history in a shareable and readable format in order to avoid miscommunication with doctors.

Wanngi is looking to next implement a virtual vaccine card which will validate your immunisation histories or other health history specifics to support people when using health services, visiting aged care, child care or travel.

Beare said, “Telehealth will continue to be an important aspect of healthcare leading into the future. To help out during this Pandemic, we have urgently responded by developing a health reporting facility for consumers. We look forward to continuing to build new innovative ways to manage individual wellness and being of service to both the health system and the people who use it.”

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