Meet Rareiio: The Innovative Digital Agency Helping Non-Tech Founders Build Great Tech Products.

Rareiio is the ultimate wing(wo)man to any non-tech founder wanting to create disruptive and globally scalable technology. Co-founded in 2018 by Mellonie Francis and Ismail Muhammad, Rareiio solves the technology problems faced by entrepreneurs, by offering bespoke, reliable, fast and affordable tech builds. 

As an entrepreneur herself, Mellonie understood what it took to build a scalable tech product and after meeting her business partner through their collaborative development of her own marketplace site, she knew together they could build a world-class software and digital marketing agency. 

Mellonie said, “I created Rareiio after having an horrific experience with building my first tech product using inexperienced developers. I lost thousands of dollars and nearly a year of development ended up with nothing. I am determined to make sure great Non-Tech Founders don’t have the same bad experience as me.” 

Now Mellonie is running a global distributed team in from our Sydney Fishbruners office and offices also Lahore in Pakistan. Rareiio employees 16 permanent developers 3 designers and 5 marketers! Mel and her team has built sophisticated software for a wide range of entrepreneurs and enterprises.

With Digital Marketplaces, Finance Dashboards, Invoice Management Portals and GPS Tracking Mobile Apps under their belt, the Rareiio team are hungry for complex challenges and working with people to provide digital transformation solutions.

Mellonie said, “I love meeting people who want to build and scale digital products. For me, it’s extremely satisfying seeing the impact the right software can have on an industry when designed, developed and marketed correctly.”

As an avid advocate for entrepreneurial thinking and action, Mellonie started sharing her journey, learnings and tips on LinkedIn and garnered quite the global audience. In 2019 Mellonie filmed a short video of herself getting on a plane to Pakistan to set up her top of the line office space and meet her new crew and uploaded it to LinkedIn. When she got off the plane she was greeted by 5000 connection request, 700 likes, 282 comment and an invitation to meet the Pakistani Consulate. 

Mellonie said, “As a founder myself, I encourage everyone to join me in creating something new and better. I didn’t start in technology, I started as a banker and then transitioned to a CEO of a Software Development Company! 

Innovation is inside all of us and non tech people together with a great software dev teams can build disruptive technology. In my view Software developers are there to enable innovation but the true innovation is within industry experts who are often from non tech backgrounds! 

As a business we want to build the next airbnb or supply businesses top tech talent” 

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