Meet Everty: The Electric Vehicle Charging Network, Connecting Drivers To Charging Stations.

Everty provides software to organisations that want to install, operate, manage, monitor and monetise electric car charging station. Founded by Carola Jonas in 2016, Everty is speeding up the transition to a smarter and cleaner future by making electric vehicle charging easier for both drivers and operators in Australia. 

With interest in Electric Vehicles (EVs) doubling every year in Australia (according to The New Daily), Everty works across multiple sectors including education, the built environment, retail, government and companies who transition their fleets or want to offer charging solutions to their employees. 

Everty was founded in 2016 while Jonas was working in clean energy for a solar inverter company and realised how few electric cars were on the road. With Australia having the highest global per-capita solar rooftop uptake, she sought out to work on one of the barriers to EV uptake, the lack of easily available charging infrastructure.

Carola Jonas, founder and CEO said, “There were two things that ‘bugged’ me back in 2016. Firstly, Aussies really should have more EVs. Secondly, If someone like me wanted a electric car, it would be very difficult to charge. I live in an apartment with street parking. Which means that I can’t charge my electric vehicle at home and would need to rely on charging stations in public locations or at work. Back then, there weren’t many. So we thought we could help organisations and businesses who want to install and provide charging stations, at work for example or in public car parks.” 

With a powerful female founder behind the wheel, Everty is paving the way for a new age of the vehicle and transport industry. 

Jonas said, “In the next 2 decades, we’ll see transport, energy and infrastructure converge and autonomous vehicles may give us robo-taxis and door to door Vertical Take Off and Landing transport like Uber Elevate. It’s very exciting.” 

As a first time founder, Jonas says while she has not had a boring day since becoming an entrepreneur, it’s also been a personal growth journey and transformation in the form of resilience, confidence, and the network of people around her.

Jonas said, “Every time you succeed in something for the first time, you kind of pinch yourself and think, wow, we achieved this!  Some of these moments were winning pitch competitions, starting an acceleration program, launching an MVP and then the software, finding great customers, raising capital and the list goes on. The team at Fishburners makes it feel like a family and they are doing a great job in being there for us, building the community and being there for our shared experiences. I have met inspiring founders and attended the most amazing events. It has meant I am not on this journey alone.” 

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