Meet Radiant: The Social Enterprise Connecting People with the Right Mental Health Support

Radiant is the easy way to find the right support through tough times or when you need a hand working on your mental fitness. Led by Jon Davies in partnership with Relationships Australia NSW and recipient of support and funding, Radiant is the inspirational social enterprise bridging the gap between those seeking mental health support and those best trained to provide it. 

Jon, Head of Radiant said, “We know that almost half the population in Australia suffers from a mental health issue within their lifetime, and of those who go looking for support, 43% can not access the information or help they really need. Radiant is completely dedicated to helping people make the connections to the services they need.” 

Radiant empowers people to take control of their mental wellbeing through ongoing preventative care and support from a matched mental health professional, suited to individual needs. A better match improves a person’s journey to health and wellbeing.

“We want to directly contribute to improving mental health in Australia. We would love to help provide easy access to supports for those who are not only at breaking point, but those who want to build their resilience and take preventative measures. We don’t see mental health as a matter of being a static state of well or unwell. It is a journey, and like all great journeys you don’t have to go it alone” added Jon.

Based at Fishburners, Australia’s biggest start-up coworking community, Radiant continues to build a strong and detailed database of Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Social Workers, Counsellors and other mental health professionals all across the country for the general public to tap into.

Launched as a social enterprise with all profits going to Relationship Australia NSW, Radiant is built as a double-sided marketplace with agile filters to help individuals find the right professional for them. Searching and connecting through Radiant is completely free of charge.

“We love the hard work going on all over the country to lower the stigma around mental health. Campaigns like R U OK? are really great because they are getting the conversation started. Where we come in is when the conversation gets too tough or too big for family and friends. We hope everyone reaches out to Radiant and finds the right professional to add to their support network.”

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