Meet Driven: The AI Resilience Coach, Helping Everyone To Prevent Mental Illness 

Driven is an AI-powered virtual coach that’s scientifically proven and aims to enhance mental health through building resilience on a global scale.

Founded by Jurie Rossouw and Luca Busin while both were working at Commonwealth Bank, Driven was created to take a preventative approach for mental health by streamlining their combined knowledge of neuroscience, psychology and technology.

Driven measures a user’s resilience and provides a holistic set of daily activities, resources and tracking features that strengthens mental health to prevent some of the biggest mental health challenges: stress, anxiety, depression and more. The Driven resilience app is free to download with a paid subscription to access the full program.

Overseen by a Board of Science Advisors, Driven has already published three peer-reviewed research papers on its results. The most recent research paper published in July 2019 showed a 25% increase in resilience when people regularly engaged with Driven – a promising result given the ability of resilience to protect against depression and other mental illnesses.

Based at Fishburners, Australia’s biggest start-up coworking community, the start-up has grown rapidly with hundreds of clients and thousands of users worldwide. Clients include IAG, Suncorp, Unilever, 3M, schools and 911 emergency services in the United States of America. Driven is also a popular solution among mental health professionals, with over 300 psychologists offering the service directly to their clients.

Jurie, Founder and CEO said, “The real problem is that care is too reactive, but in times when every fifth person has experienced a mental health issue in the last year, and the impact is felt in families, communities, and in organisations, we need to really focus on how to prevent this from happening in the first place. This is when Driven comes in.”

“Driven is unique in its ability to combine automated, interactive chat bots, psychometric assessments, comprehensive training and resources to help everyday people get help fast and stay on top of life.”

“The concept of resilience is about advancing despite adversity. Creating mindsets where people are driven to achieve what is important to them regardless of the challenges along the way.”

The company is on a mission to help people stay on top of life for a healthier world. Through building resilience, the Driven app helps users prevent and deal with some of the most common mental health issues in a $4 trillion industry.

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  1. I am using this app and its wonderful. I really look forward to my personal sessions everyday. Great tool for Entrepreneurs who are time poor and need help with mental health and wellbeing.

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