Meet Good On You: The Ultimate Guide To Ethical Fashion

Good On You is a leading source of brand ratings, articles and expertise on ethical and sustainable fashion.  

It encourages better purchasing choices by providing users with free access to brands’ ethical standards and ratings

The first-of-its-kind listing service has seen huge success internationally, with Actor Emma Watson coming on board as a supporter earlier this year and telling Vogue UK earlier this month that she uses Good On You to inform all her wardrobe choices.

The Australian-based platform launched as an app in 2015 and received more than 10,000 downloads in its first 10 days. The app has now been downloaded over 400,000 times and over 2 million people used the related website in the past year. 

Founders, Gordon Renouf and Sandra Capponi, built the company on the belief that consumers have a right to know what they are buying, so they can choose to support sustainable practises. 

Gordon, a member of Fishburners, has a consumer campaigning background and worked for Choice (the leading consumer advocacy group in Australia), recognised that a large percentage of shoppers want to buy ethically and effectively. 

Gordon said, “At the beginning, we sat down and thought about what we could do. We wanted to remove barriers between consumers and making the choices that are important to them. We looked for sectors where there was enough information to do a trial and we decided to dedicate our focus to fashion.” 

“Good On You is all about making it easier for consumers to shop according to their values and increase access to the products and brands who are doing better things by the planet, people and animals. We analyse and integrate specific relevant information from the brand itself and more than 90 certifications, standards, industry collaborations and measurement tools including Fair Trade, the Global Organic Textile Standard and the Carbon Disclosure Project.  . We .” We make sense of all that data and bring it down to an easy to use 5 point score for each brand,

“We don’t only want to provide information, but provide it in a way that is useful. We also want our information to be used by retailers and platforms. For example, global fashion platform FarFetch uses Good On You brand data to assess the ethics of the brands they stock and show their customers which brands are the most sustainable. We are talking with other retailers about replicating that model. We provide a robust and efficient solution for retailers — it’s simple, straightforward and massively reduces the headache for their brand partners of submitting tailored surveys to the retailer.”

With a team that spans Melbourne, Sydney, Dunedin, Bristol, Berlin, Italy, France and the Middle East, being part of the Fishburners Community has been integral to growth. 

Gordon said, “Being part of Fishburners is important to stay connected to people in Sydney startup scene and getting access to new ideas and training. There is a network of people to give you good suggestions and help. It’s important to have a sense of belonging.”

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