Meet Espresso Displays: The World’s Thinnest USB Powered Display

Espresso Displays are the new portable productive workspaces, that move with you and your global office.  

What started as a simple conversation between three friends from UTS, Scott McKeon and Will Scuderi in April last year, has quickly become a recognised name in the startup ecosphere.

Focussing on the future of work, Espresso Displays already has a Kickstarter reaching just under $500,000 and a place in Arc-Hardware’s Post-MVP Accelerator under its belt.

Fishburners member and cofounder, Scott said, “It really all started because we were engineers, `creating a poster for the Australian Space Industry, designing and collating information for it. We work from different places, move around, travel, explore, like so many others. The idea really was as simple as, ‘I wish I had another monitor for my laptop!’ Will made a prototype the next day with a 3D printer and we moved fast from there.” 

“We knew we wanted to create the greatest and most convenient way to setup a productive office from anywhere in the world. We wanted to make an office in a backpack. Since then we have set up manufacturing in China using anodized aluminum, have a large pipeline of partner companies and pre-sold over 1400 units” 

“We have been significantly supported by the Sydney startup community, which we are so thankful for. We have been lucky enough to have incredible encouragement from partners like UTS, Fishburners, The Studio and the Sydney School of Entrepreneurship.” 

Before becoming an entrepreneur, Scott was a civil engineer working in Nepal with a non-for-profit delivering sustainable infrastructure to remote areas in the aftermath of the 2015 earthquake. 

Taking the learnings from that work into Espresso Displays Scott said, “After much time building and rebuilding in Nepal, we discovered the best value we could actually give was apprenticeships, training and the best tools to allow these communities to do their best work. The same applies for informational, technical or even creative based work. Creating a space and the opportunity for mastery, goes a long way.”

“The mode and structure of work is changing and it is now easier than ever to be freelancers, contractors or entrepreneurs. Espresso Displays is all about reaching remote places and arming people the tools that they need, not only to be free, flexible but also profoundly productive.” 

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