Meet GOFAR: Winner Of The Australian Road Safety Foundation’s Technology Award

GOFAR is a simple vehicle plug-in device that tracks miles, expenses and helps people save on fuel, as well as running smart driving diagnostics to save lives.

Founded by Aerospace engineer, Danny Adams, GOFAR aims to create smarter cities and safer roads by reducing both carbon and dangerous driving habits.

In March GOFAR was the proud recipient of the 9th Annual Australian Road Safety Technology Award.

Adams said, “We’ve won awards for our product design before and for innovation but winning a road safety award means the most. It’s great working on a product that can save lives.

GOFAR supports the GlobalToward Zero campaign to progressively cut road accidents around the world.  In Australia’s biggest ever randomised control trial NSW Government discovered that drivers using GOFAR’s real time feedback had 42% less harsh braking events and 38% less high range speeding incidents.

According to GOFAR even during the current Global pandemic, maintaining road safety and expense tracking is paramount.

Adams said, “On the roads, during COVID19 we’ve seen driving kilometres drop by 45% but we’ve also seen the quality of driving drop too. People are speeding more and doing more harsh braking.”

“We also know that no one wants to miss out on business mileage deductions as every cent counts this year! With the current pandemic, there are a lot of new people now working from home but needing to use their own car to do pick ups, deliveries or other business tasks. You may not realise you can claim $0.68 for every km you drive for work, just as long as you keep records.”

“Last year 3.5 million people claimed business mileage deductions in their tax return and they all need to keep records. GOFAR helps people who use their car for work to cut their tax bill because we make it really easy to log business miles by keeping recording easy. GOFAR plugs right in to you cars diagnostic port which lives above the pedals.”

With sales and awards still pouring in GOFAR are soon releasing a solution for small businesses to track driving expenses and tax for multiple drivers. 

They are also pairing their smart technology with smart city programmes to improve road safety and mobility data. 

Adams said, “We’ve all enjoyed clearer roads and clearer skies during the lockdown and smart use of technology like GOFAR can help Australians enjoy this after the lockdown ends too.”

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