Marketing In a Time of Uncertainty

By Geoff Main, Passionberry Marketing

March 2020 will be remembered as one of the most challenging times for every one who lived it. No one is immune to the frustration, stress and uncertainty that everyone is facing.

With this in mind, we’ve gone on a worldwide search to find some of the great Covid-19 marketing campaigns from this month to inspire all of us to find opportunities where they may exist or simply inspire communities to come together and help one another.

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Brands include:
Deliveroo, Guinness, Pornhub, Aviation Gin, Houseparty, Netflix, Koala, Fitness First, Lush, Archie Rose DistillingNextdoor, Fanatics, Ikea, Brewdog, Timeout, Stage KingsStoryline Online, Woolworths, Les Mills, Nike, Apple, Bellesa, CVS Pharmacy, JoAnn Fabrics, Snapchat, Boden ClothingManettas, and Airbnb.

#1 Guinness

Just continuing the greatness of the Guinness brand creative to ensure you know where to be drinking your Guinness right now…

#2 Pornhub

For when you’re working home alone and you need some incentive to stay in rather than venture out, how can you stay on brand, grow signups and encourage people to #StayHomeSaveLives

#3 Netflix

Clearly this was always going to be a great opportunity for in-home entertainment but you still need to stand out with so many options available. And up stepped Netflix with spoilers & Netflix Party…

#4 Koala

When ‘selling’ is feeling wrong, brand messages from the right brands can be more powerful and hit the right tone. Koala always understand this and provided another example with ‘Koala Local’

#5 Lush

Consumers were invited into the store, given soap and invited to wash their hands at one of the sinks with no obligation to buy anything.

#6 Nextdoor

Nextdoor, the social network for neighbours, has focused on getting neighbours to help neighbours during the pandemic through both digital means and in real life.

#7 Fanatics

With the MLB season stopped before it had even started, the Fanatics halted production and have since turned to making protective gowns and masks, fully funded by MLB and Fanatics

#8 Ikea

Ikea doing what it does best. Consistent design with a creative idea that supports the key message – stay home, love your home, reconnect with your home.

#9 Brewdog

Brewdog opened 102 virtual bars to allow friends to get together and enjoy a beer. Even better, online tastings will begin this week with beer delivered to your door!

#10 Les Mills

Les Mills in New Zealand partnered with the main free to air station TVNZ to ensure that the nation gets the exercise its needs while its in a 4 week shutdown

#11 Nike

With the aim to challenge individuals to stay at home & #playfortheworld, Nike’s campaign was shared by their athletes & was followed by a donation of US$15m to COVID-19 relief efforts.

#12 Bellesa

In addition to giving people more reason to stay home, Bellesa also focused on making sure people stayed happy during the pandemic. “Social Distancing” just got immeasurably better…

#13 JoAnn Fabrics

Craft store JoAnn Fabrics are providing make-your-own mask kits for free so anyone can make masks for doctors, nurses and other first responders. Once you’ve made the masks, drop it off at the store.

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