Humans of Fishburners with Dhawal from One Entity

Human of Fishburners with Dhawal Nayak

We had a catch up with the Founder of One Entity, Dhawal who is our first resident here at Fishburners Brisbane. He talks about what inspired him to startup, the biggest mistake he went through legally and advice he got from a friend that changed his life.

What is your Startup?

One Entity is a business that designs and develops software for small to medium businesses. The way we design the systems is different. We give their software a cohesive flow and structure so that it easily integrates with the current software/s that the company would be using. So instead of having 4 or 5 systems, it is all developed into one system that they can use.

How did you get Started?

I was working as an employee of an organisation that had lot of systems and software that was not automated. There was lot of manual work that had to be done in the background to get data and reports. The systems weren’t designed to be used by the people on the ground, so this inspired me to start my own tech company, One Entity.

Who is your Startup for?

We are aimed at small to medium businesses that cannot afford an expensive software available. We intend to get on the ground with the SMB’s so that it is customizable and suited to their needs. We make software starting from a small CRM to an accounting software that they can merge and integrate into their new software. We also do mobile applications that can plug into their software, this gives a smooth transaction with people on the ground with management.

How do you stay motivated?

I tend to listen to a lot of motivational speakers and music. Self motivation comes naturally and it kicks in, that’s the best way I stay motivated.

Biggest Mistake

When I started my first project I completely dived into it without any legal processes. 

For anyone trying to start up, please do look into the legal side and make sure service agreements are in place so that you don’t overwork yourself or face any consequences later on.

Best advice you’ve been given?

A friend of mine who is an architect told me,

Take a blank piece of paper, draw a line on it and when you do this, make sure it has a purpose. If that line doesn’t have a purpose, there is no need for doing it.

I really took this on board with everything that I design and develop. The components, the system, the architecture – everything has to have a purpose. If there is no purpose, there is no point.

Want to find out more? Why not catch up with us at Fishburners Brisbane! Come for a 5 Day Free Trial at Level 3, 155 Queen St, Brisbane. QLD 4000

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