Humans of Fishburners with Matt from China Checkup

Humans of Fishburners

We had a catch up with the Founder of China Checkup, Matt Slater. He talks about why China Checkup started, how he faced his challenges and some advice when getting started.

What is China Checkup?
We provide verification reports on Chinese Companies for companies worldwide.

Where did it all start?
I was living in Shanghai China and the idea for my startup came from when somebody asked me:

‘How do you trust Chinese Companies?’

It was quite a personal question, so I went and looked into it and found that getting information on Chinese companies was a very difficult process. So I thought their must be an easier way of doing this.

How do you stay motivated?
Our reports have been sold to countries all over the world. We have sold the verification reports to 91 different countries and it’s great to get the feedback from our companies who we have really helped. They have avoided scams and bad business decisions by using our reports to make better business decisions and that is really motivating for us.

Who is your startup for?
Most startups do have a target market, but I actually take a different approach. We don’t actually aim our services at anybody and our clients are literally all around the world, in all types of industries. Anybody that is doing business with China should be using our services.

Any biggest Mistakes? How did you overcome it?
My biggest mistake was at the very start. I spent too long analysing and researching, trying to create the perfect product which I thought my clients needed. What I realised is,

Don’t give the clients what you think they need, give them what they want.

So once we realised that the clients really wanted basic information to check if the company was legally registered, we started giving them that information and then we built our services from there.

Have any advice starting a startup?
My advice would be to:

Find a problem that exists and go solve that problem

That was how we came about our business. We realised people didn’t know where to get the information on Chinese companies, so we found a way to help answer that question for them.

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