Henry Weaver on His Five Years Serving the Community at Fishburners

Henry Weaver, after five years leading the community at Fishburners, is ready to embark on the next chapter of his entrepreneurial career as he now proudly leads, multiple tech-startups. 

Fishburners has benefited greatly over the years from his passion for startups and his ability to position the organisation at the epicentre of the startup ecosystem. 

Henry came to Fishburners after experience in the world of recruitment, product development and Law, but his innate passion for entrepreneurship lead him to join the Fishies team. 

Henry said, “Despite his four years studying law at St Mary’s University in London, he learnt most travelling the world and networking at Fishburners”. 

Henry Weaver, Image Supplied

When Henry started at Fishburners, he instantly connected with startups through his empathetic nature and was always the person people went to for a chat. Soon after starting his role, he became known for his regular check-ins with startups as he was continually interested in seeing them grow and succeed. 

Henry was known at Fishburners for his helpful and critical feedback, that – in most cases, would lead startups to pivot their idea or business model for the better. If it wasn’t feedback Henry was giving, it was a connection to their next investor or business partner – being as well connected as Henry, he didn’t find this a challenging task. 

Henry started at Fishburners at one of it’s most pivotal points in organisational growth. Henry was there through most, if not all of Fishburners biggest triumphs – going global, moving to Sydney Startup Hub, winning Australia’s best startup resource three times over, working with Google for Startups, Chartered accountants, NAB and many more highly sought after companies.  

Henry said, “ When it came to presenting startups with valuable opportunities – I always took a very data-driven approach. I would sieve out the biggest challenges they were facing over casual chats – then introduce the appropriate events, workshops and connections from there”. 

Henry said his highlight working at Fishburners was that “ I walked in a different person to the person I am today.” 

Henry said, “It’s the people that are the best thing at Fishburners… because of this place, I have met some of my best mates and increased by network globally”. 

“When you are crossing paths regularly with some of the most inspiring people in the startup ecosystem on a daily basis – you learn a lot fast”. 

Henry Weaver with The Daily Skincare, image supplied

Henry said, “He really appreciates people in the startup community who give back – they are the ones that have stood out to him the most, the likes of Alan Jones, Ian Gardener and Bradley Horowitz are a few to name”. 

As for Henry’s future, he is now focusing on building tech for eCommerce founders, running a contract manufacturer called Australian Private Label and co-founding a Men’s Skincare brand, The Daily that has taken off into 10 countries and now stocks in 100 stores in Australia. 

“All in all, working at Fishburners has inevitably taught me how to work quickly and efficiently, learn from other peoples experiences good or bad and network.”

Written by Hannah Johnston, Fishburners

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