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More than a coworking space...

Fishburners is a not-for-profit that's famous for its high quality startups and world-class community.

An Exclusive Community

Our stamp of approval

We only accept high impact, scalable startups. So rest assured you will be surrounded by high quality startups who are all hustling to create something big too!

Leverage Our Rolodex

As a member of Australia’s largest startup community, you’ll have access to our extensive network of mentors, investors, media contacts, funding sources, potential customers and many more to help grow your startup.

Designed for startups

Conveniently located in Sydney, Brisbane and Shanghai

By joining Fishburners you instantly get a multi-city pass! Enjoy access to all locations and online communities regardless of membership type.

With everything startups need

Vibrant spaces specifically-designed to maximise your productivity. Spaces include collaboration areas, practical boardrooms, buzzing event spaces, blazing-fast internet, flexible desk terms and plenty of wine and beers to celebrate the weekly wins!

To maximise your surface area for luck

Member-Only Programs

We run hundreds of events to help accelerate your startup including weekly workshops, monthly crash courses, daily meetups and much more.

Exclusive Deals & Free Stuff!

Our pre-approved startup-friendly advisors offer free legal, accounting, design, digital marketing and PR advice. As a member you also get access to hundreds of member-only discounts.

"Our members have a wide range of skills and have overcome the same challenges you’re likely to face."

When asking our members what the biggest benefit of Fishburners is, ‘community' is always at the top of the list.

By joining Fishburners you are joining a highly-collaborative community where members actively volunteer their time to help another Burner out. Our members have a wide range of skills and have overcome the same challenges you’re likely to face - the Fishburners culture is built on sharing that experience and advice with burners in need.

To help burners meet, we run regular community activities like our weekly lunch group, member-run workshops, Friday night pitches, sport groups, in-house movie nights, out-of-office weekend trips and more!

Car Next Door
Altitude Tea
Mad Paws
NFC Wireless
Local Travel Planner
Petrol Spy
Keg Run Mobile
Apathco Group
So Bad So Good
Bed Linen Heroes
Light Stalking

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