Don’t Burnout


“Work-life balance”. A phrase that the startup community is sick of hearing, because everyone knows it’s necessary but hasn’t quite mastered how to put it into practice whilst juggling life as a startup founder. Removing this #basic phrase from our vocabulary …

Pandora Shelley CEO Fishburners Murray Hurps UTS

Fishburners Partners with UTS


We are thrilled to announce that Fishburners will be partnering with the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) over the coming three years: our first long-term university partner.

Fishburners Elevator Pitches with Richard Savoie from Staybil


This week we take an elevator ride with Richard Savoie from Staybil as he shares a ride with our host Andrew Szwec from The Cognitive Company. What is Staybil? Staybil is a fantastic company that does data visualisation and optimisation here at Fishburners. …

Working with Meetup Groups


Since 2011, Fishburners has been striving to support the Australian ecosystem as a partner, as a provider, as a co-working space, and as a non profit organisation that has backed so many tech founders. As a part of that, we’ve worked …

How To Brand Your Startup Effectively


Before you build a website or send out marketing materials, you’ll want to clearly define your startup’s brand so you can apply it consistently across channels. Developing a strong brand will help you gain credibility and become recognizable as you grow. Here’s how to nail down what your brand represents and communicate it to your prospects and customers.

Thank you for your support in 2017, see you in 2018!


Just a few months in as CEO of Fishies and let’s just say it’s been a crazy time. We’ve grown to nearly full capacity in Brisbane in just one year, we’ve built a beautiful new office at Wynyard to move to …