To Pay or Not To Pay: Should You Hire a Virtual Assistant?

If you work out of Fishburners you have heard about virtual assistants, outsourcing, or overseas workers. I was a former outsourcing sceptic, I couldn’t see how an overseas worker I would pay $5hr could replace me in vital parts of my business! 

It was not until a trip to Bali earlier this year that I saw the power of outsourcing. The Australian Expats running Airbnb, restaurants, and clubs are all utilising their version of the virtual assistant. My experience with the Balinese staff was always exceptional. When I returned home I vowed to give implementing VAs a good shot.

Since I have hired 3 x VAs. It has had the most profound effect on my business and my personal life!

A week of example tasks from my All-Star VA Nina. 

 – Increased my Instagram by +400 Followers

 – Booked All Meetings With New Inquiries

 – Created A Social Media Strategy. (I have scheduled content for the 1st time ever!!)

 – Handled minor family admin tasks for me

 – Found and re-routed my lost IHerb order 

 – Researched the best date venues for dinner and activities within a 30min drive of my house! 

 – Create GIF mockups of recent projects (you can see them on my digital marketing agency website) 

 – Created media packs for my clients to share their new website on their social media

 If any of the following resonates with you. Hire a VA!

 – You are doing all the functions in your business. You are the salesman, social media manager, onboarding manager, finance manager, HR manager…

 – You have great ideas that never get action! e.g. we should create some content to educate our audience or reach out to X to do Y together or get featured on X’s blog

 – There are repeatable tasks in your business that can be outsourced for less than your personal hourly rate. e.g. if you are worth $100hr you should be outsourcing your social media management to someone worth $10hr. 

If you want to get started with a virtual assistant. Check out my full guide on how to outsource with virtual assistants for beginners at

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Brett Cruickshanks is a member at Fishburners and Founder of Cruickshanks Agency. With a track record of pivoting and resurrecting products, Brett helps products find their audience, blending market research, strategy development and growth marketing. He also throws his hat in the ring to build and deploy large scale websites such as

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