Working with Meetup Groups


Since 2011, Fishburners has been striving to support the Australian ecosystem as a partner, as a provider, as a co-working space, and as a non profit organisation that has backed so many tech founders. As a part of that, we’ve worked …

How To Brand Your Startup Effectively


Before you build a website or send out marketing materials, you’ll want to clearly define your startup’s brand so you can apply it consistently across channels. Developing a strong brand will help you gain credibility and become recognizable as you grow. Here’s how to nail down what your brand represents and communicate it to your prospects and customers.

Top Tips to get the most out of a Global Startup Weekend


Five years ago Mark Zmarzly,  attended a Global startup weekend in Nebraska that changed his life. During that weekend he found a team and started to work on an idea that would turn into his business, Hip Pocket. Fast forward to …

Top 30+ Startup Business Tools


One of our Burners James Banks, Founder of, wrote about his top 30+ startup business tools and why. With thanks to Recomazing on their stack of recommendations and James Banks on his essential tools to getting started. Do you feel …

5 Quick Tips for Startups on IP 101


Start-ups are a buzz with creativity and innovation, but often have a lot on their plate like raising finances, finding good talent and securing customers. So it’s understandable that thinking about intellectual property (IP) management seems like a waste of precious …

Intellectual Property

What is IP?


Intellectual Property (IP) can be an invention, a brand, or an original work of art and IP rights like Patents, Trade Marks and Design Rights offer exclusive legal ownership over these assets. They can be bought, sold or licensed. Some IP …