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“Should You Continue Digital Marketing During This Pandemic? Hint: YES!”

After Covid-19 made it’s presence known, the first thing most businesses did was cut operational costs wherever and however possible. Their efforts to avoid closure meant that spending was put on hold for many areas of their venture, including marketing. Unfortunately, some cuts caused more harm than they might have done good in the long run.

Have you stopped paying for digital marketing in recent months? Have you tried to save vital funds by holding back from paying for this particular expenditure in the hopes that ‘one day’ you’ll be flexible enough to do so once again? You might want to think again!

Here’s why:

Your Ideal Customers Are Consuming More Online Content Than Ever.

Millions of us have turned to our digital vices during lockdown. From social connection to personal soothing during times of crisis, the internet has become our go-to. We are searching for digital media more than ever before. In both the US and the UK, millennials and Gen-Z individuals are consuming these types of digital media more than ever.

These are the stats you need to know about:

  • Online videos streaming: 44% and 51% more
  • Podcast popularity: 20% and 11% more
  • Livestream access: 30% and 17% more
  • Online press searches: 36% and 21% more
  • TV and movie streaming: 41% and 38% more

On a global scale, 36% more people are using their computers more frequently and 44% are doing so for longer periods of time while accessing social media platforms. 

These facts are enough to get any marketing team excited – as should you be! 

Let’s dive into how you can use this data to fuel decision making that will help keep your business relevant both during the pandemic and far beyond it.

Suspending Your Digital Marketing Will Harm Your Long-Term Potential.

Taking a hiatus from digital marketing incurs a missed opportunity to connect. Right now, your consumers are literally sitting ducks in their home. Why not reach out to them? 

Failing to do so will hurt your rankings in the short and long term, making it harder for you to ‘show up’ in newsfeeds later down the line.

Don’t allow previous SEO and content marketing efforts to go to waste. If traffic has slowed since the pandemic hit, don’t panic. It’s not a permanent issue and searches for your product will return.

You might be wondering why you need to bother with fueling SEO when searches are apparently lower than usual. You might be thinking that your time and attention would be better used elsewhere. Rethink your approach!

You need to both maintain and improve your search rankings in anticipation of when normality returns. It’s important to adjust to stay relevant as you definitely don’t want to come across tone deaf at a time like this. Refocus your content marketing strategy to cater to today’s market.

There are several major brands who have visibly pivoted their strategy to suit the cultural changes that are happening. KFC pulled a campaign that was built around their ‘finger-licking-good’ slogan due to obvious inconsistency with governmental safety guidelines. They paid attention to the current situation and adjusted their message accordingly. 

Analyse your campaign messages to see if they need tweaking or shelving for now. Keep your current audience while potentially attracting new customers. Make sure this applies across all of the platform you currently use.

How to (Affordably) Keep Digital Marketing Afloat.

You need to determine if the message you’re intending to send out is both relevant (i.e. non-offensive) and effective. Then consider the topics you can focus your resources on within both your paid and organic reach campaigns.

Right now, your audience is likely stuck at home and surfing for things to consume or purchase online. This is actually a good time to build your brand, as long as you do it in the right way.

Here are some approaches to try:

  • Social Media Ads Campaigns.
  • Using Social Media Experts.
  • YouTube Content/Ads.
  • Blog ‘How-To’ Guides.
  • Guest Blogs.
  • Podcasts/Podcast Advertising. 

If you don’t have time to pursue these ventures yourself, hire a digital pro who will be able to do each of them justice to a professional level.

Fiverr offers a range of expert sellers who will happily help you to achieve your goals both during this period of time and in the longer term. Why not outsource writing staff for that blog, or hire a digital marketer to help you set the right tone?

Maintain Your Relevance Throughout COVID-19

Offer your authentic voice to your customers. This is a difficult time for many and demonstrating genuine understanding will help your audience to build trust with your brand.

Today’s compassion could lead to tomorrow’s connection with valuable clients and community members, after all.

This was brought to you by Fiverr.com, the world’s largest freelancer marketplace. 

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