Why stock investors all around the globe are using ‘Wall St Rank’

Wall St Rank CEO Amrit had the great idea to start a business to help time-poor investors access stock ideas, based on the consensus opinion of top Wall Street analysts. 

There are two main problems he is trying to solve; firstly, Wall St Rank assists investors by shortlisting analyst-vetted stocks from a pool of over 7,000 stocks listed on the US exchanges. 

“This is particularly difficult for people from non-US countries investing in that market.,” Amrit explains.  

“Time-poor investors tend to seek expert opinion when looking for stock ideas. During the pandemic, we saw a lot of people flocking to YouTube and TikTok to get ‘expert advice.”

“This resulted in a lot of misinformation being spread, and investors getting burned. We want these investors to know that they can easily get signals from sector-specific analysts who understand these companies and the sector they place in very deeply.”

Here’s a video about their mission.

Prior to working on Wall St Rank, Amrit ran a product studio for five years. 

“The software services business model just became too hectic for me, so I ended up winding down the company. Since then, I worked as a Senior PM, and a Head of Product at two organisations while building out Wall St Rank,” Amrit says.

As Wall St Rank is entirely bootstrapped, Amrit has been relying on a team of freelancers who have been working on different parts of the project.  He says this aspect of the work has been challenging.

“Managing different time zones, communication mediums and work styles have been quite challenging. I’m happy to say that we’re cracking $ 5,000 in MRR, so I can start to spend more on reliable dev resources.”

“Our biggest success is that the main source of traffic for us is a referral, and we’ve had visitors to the site from 161 countries. This just goes to show that we’re solving a real problem for part-time investors – especially ones that are non-US based.”

“I’ll soon be adding more data sources to the site; what I like to call ‘Smart Money Signals.’  We have a few deals in the works and we’re going to be starting two weekly newsletters, as well as deep-diving into some top-rated stocks and a market recap.”

Amrit says it’s important to be part of the Fishburners community, knowing everyone is striving to make some positive change.

“I especially enjoy scanning the ‘Wins’ channel on Slack from time to time to get a boost of motivation!” 

“While Wall St Rank seems like a simple product, I’ve faced countless issues through the journey. The two important decisions I’ve made are; make Wall St Rank a popular research tool for part-time investors globally and that I won’t stop until Wall St Rank is a popular research tool for part-time investors globally.”

Amrit is kindly offering the Fishburners community a 25% discount – and he’s happy for friends and family to use the code too: FISHIES25 (redeemable for the next month)

“I’m sure there’s a portion of people who own some Apple, Tesla, etc, and want an easy way to identify other solid buy opportunities.”

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