Top Tips to get the most out of a Global Startup Weekend

Five years ago Mark Zmarzly,  attended a Global startup weekend in Nebraska that changed his life. During that weekend he found a team and started to work on an idea that would turn into his business, Hip Pocket.

Fast forward to today, Hip Pocket has three products in market and has received grant and investment funding. Mark has travelled the world talking about his Business and he’s now a member of Fishburners Brisbane thanks to Advance Queensland HotDesq program.

This weekend, Mark will be mentoring at the Global Startup Weekend in Brisbane and he’s got some great tips on how to get the most out of your weekend- that might just change your life.

1.It’s ok not to have a fully formed idea when you’re pitching.

Mark says you don’t need to have some huge burning idea that you’ve worked on for years and years. Write some dot points down and go for it. You will pivot.

2. Build your team by asking.

Don’t forget to ask for what you need. For instance if you need a designer or a developer- say it.

3. Don’t worry about a name.

You’ll come up with some terrible names for your idea, so don’t spend too much time on it- You can always change it later anyway

4.Tackle a big problem.

Don’t think small. Think about a global problem and how you might help. This will put in you in good position.

5. Actually sell something.

Mark says go out and sell something, whether its by adding a shopping cart on your website or by literally hitting the streets. If you can make money with your idea during the weekend you’ll be in the top 10% of teams.

6. Have fun and embrace it.

The Global Startup  Weekend is an incredible opportunity and experience. The energy is electric and you’ll be surrounded by a group of amazing like minded people, so jump right in.

There still some spots left for the Brisbane Global Startup Weekend in Brisbane. Register here


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