Tech For Good Founders Shine a Light on Solutions for People and Planet

We are so excited by the quality of the ideas and solutions of the Founders who applied for our Tech for Good Scholarship program. We selected 30 incredible founders that are striving to make the world a better place through their contribution to tackling some of the world’s most pressing environmental, economic and social challenges. 

With support from the City of Sydney, each of the selected ventures will have access to our physical hub in Sydney and our digital platform, the Founders Hub. This provides the startups with best practice knowledge and learning, resources and tools, mentors and experts and community of practice, to develop and grow their venture. 

It is so encouraging to see so many great companies are focused on harnessing technology to to help us solve the world’s major issues. From addressing bushfire challenges, assistive technology for people with disabilities, climate action solutions and wellness ventures, our future is in good hands.  Here is a snapshot of our Tech for Good Hub companies:

  1. 100 year Life

A world-first dynamic, interactive, secure and smart toolkit easily shared by ageing parents and their adult children and grandchildren is to help families support their ageing parents and loved ones to live to live better

  1. Axon Energy

Solar energy solutions for the SME  tenanted commercial solar market to facilitate the  rapid growth of solar adoption for  small-medium business owners and landlords of commercial tenanted properties that have vacant roof space for solar.

  1. Button 

Button acts as a universal remote that is controlled from your phone so you don’t have to touch public buttons.

  1. Canyon Solar 

modular solar shade structures for commercial shade structures  that halves labor costs and is 3 times faster to install than existing solutions and integrates with electric vehicle charging hardware.

  1. Crypto Sapiens

We are on a mission to build an engaged community through NFTs to fight for their right to impact climate change

  1. Delicatessn

A tech forward fashion brand to help move the industry towards a circular economy. Inspired by the slow food movement,our’s is a fashion project to prove that clothes can be made slowly, consumed consciously and savored for longer. 

  1. Ecuna

An easy-to-use yet powerful platform that enables businesses deliver sustainable impact aligned with best practices, globally

  1. Entopia By Design 

Offers a prescriptive pathway and tools for organisations to design, evaluate and prioritise environmental solutions that accelerates environmental protection and support transformational change in product design and process innovation. 

  1. GiveTree 

A  virtual game world built on top of an NFT marketplace. A % of every single transaction goes to an impact partner and helps make the world a better place. 

  1. Humans For Good

Bridging the gap between caring and doing by connecting purpose-driven people with practical opportunities to do good at home, in the community, and beyond.

  1. Immortal Systems

Using the minimum amount of resources  to create Sustainable and affordable pod housing that integrates  renewable energy powered thermally and humidity control.

  1. Maiden Ventures

Construction materials tracking platform to reduce construction waste and costs 

  1. Physio Fox

A patient-centered digital platform that pairs self-driving rehab with physios acting as coaches to deliver efficient treatment that lowers time/cost barriers for patients and enables physio to help more people in need.

  1. Pioneera 

Combining AI technology and psychology to create psychologically safe work environments and boosting productivity & workplace wellness.

  1. JetWet’s 

Reduces the frequency and severity of bush fires through the development of innovative fire fighting technologies.  Wild fires create significant amounts of green house gases, kill billions of animals, birds and insects and destroy entire vegetation ecosystems.

  1. Lend for Good

Is democratising impact investment with a blockchain-based crowd-lending platform to accelerate the growth of impact businesses.

  1. Netfolio

Netfolio provides metrics  to assess climate risk exposure across asset portfolios to help  financial markets transition to net zero carbon emissions 

  1. Rebold

A market place making  refurbished electronics mainstream in order to reduce e-waste, which is the fastest growing waste category worldwide.

  1. Rocket 

Decentralises the power of social media to help individuals take back control of their attention, and eventually increase competitive pressure to change Big Tech.

  1. Seasnal

Helps households save money, eat better, and reduce food waste, by matching culinary preferences with the availability of fresh food.

  1. SeedCulture

A gamified sustainability platform for teams. Our software helps organisations to upskill, engage, and empower their people to help meet their sustainability goals.

  1. Synbiote 

automating key manual analysis protocols in the R&D of novel biopharmaceuticals – an essential class of therapeutics including chemotherapy drugs, hormones, and vaccines. 

  1. Tinkery

Works with teachers, engineers, and designers to cocreate quality educational courses and kits accessible to democratize education, and bridge the technology divide.

  1. Turn Around Kids

Our mission is to empower parents with personalized, real time solutions and coaching powered by AI to help navigate behavioral problems with their kids

  1. Vertere

Developing  low-cost assistive technology that provides people with disabilities fiction-less access to devices that afford autonomy over their sleep. 

  1. Vively 

Creates personalised lifestyle medicine plans which include evidence-based digital therapeutics and the support of a multi-disciplinary team in your pocket.

  1. Vertical Patch

Designing novel high tech farming systems in underutilized space, bringing nutrient rich, sustainable and ethical produce directly to cities. Vertical Patch partners with local businesses to engage with every part of the community, whilst providing free training to at-risk groups

  1. Xylo Systems

Building  technology tools to conserve and monitor life on land and below  ensuring key marine and terrestrial ecosystems are protected and restored.

  1. Zecar

Personalised mobility and  energy solutions to accelerate decarbonIsation by  placing the customer at the centre of the Energy Transition i.e. give them choice and affordability.

  1. Kelpist’s 

Manufacture of furniture from kelp that is 100% compostable. Our products are carbon negative from kelp forest to finished product.

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