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Nailing Your Work From Home Setup


Work From Home with Fishburners – Week 1: Setting Up for Success Ah lockdown… It’s the return of the half-dressed zoom meetings and makeshift home offices. The miserable reality for Sydneysiders’ over the next few weeks. Source: boredpanda For those of …


How to Test Your Biggest Assumptions with Tash Keuneman


On Wednesday 26th May 2021 resident Growth Expert Daniel Lohrmann from ikaros facilitated an AMA with Tash Keuneman, the Head of Design at Shippit who has extensive experience in UX design and rapid experimentation from working at innovative companies like Atlassian, …

Meet Podean: The Agency Disrupting the Marketplaces Industry


Podean is an innovative Amazon agency and marketplace consultancy, challenging how brands leverage ecommerce marketplaces. Podean, (derived from “Antipodean”) works with major global and progressive brands from six individual regions, delivering on their needs as they relate to accelerating their presence …


Product Fundamentals for Startups with John Wetenhall


On Wednesday 28th April 2021 resident Growth Expert Daniel Lohrmann from ikaros facilitated an AMA with John Wetenhall, an experienced product manager who worked at Atlassian and Hatch. He began his career in Silicon Valley in product marketing and brought a …

Meet Fivegrid: The New SaaS Product that Automates Digital Marketing


Fivegrid co-founder Suryabala Shenbagamurthy was inspired to build the digital business during the early stages of the pandemic, when many businesses were shifting digital first “Restaurants were leveraging apps like Menulog and Deliveroo. And my father who is a small business owner …

Meet Remote Social: The Platform Building Stronger Remote Teams


The co-founders of Remote Social are all experienced at working in global teams, as well asin remote and/or hybrid environments. But, when the pandemic arrived, they all foundthemselves struggling to engage with colleagues in a meaningful way. Gerardo Contreras Vacca, Remote …

Fishburners Welcomes Industry Leaders Clive Mayhew and Jacqui Feeney to Board


Recently, Fishburners, Australia’s largest startup community, appointed industry leaders Clive Mayhew and Jacqui Feeney to the board of directors. Clive Mayhew, tech investor and entrepreneur, will chair the Fishburners Board, alongside Jacqui Feeney, media executive, who will join as a director. …

Henry Weaver on His Five Years Serving the Community at Fishburners


Henry Weaver, after five years leading the community at Fishburners, is ready to embark on the next chapter of his entrepreneurial career as he now proudly leads, multiple tech-startups.  Fishburners has benefited greatly over the years from his passion for startups …